Terms And Conditions

  1. General

This is the most recent Terms of Service (the “terms”) agreement as of October 19th, 2020. These terms apply to your use of our website at MusePromotion.com (the “website”). Please read these terms carefully and ensure that you understand them before you start to use the website.


By accessing and using the website, you confirm that you accept these terms and that you agree to remain by them and any changes made to them from time to time. We are the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights in the website, and in the material published on it. Typing errors on this website reserved. If there are any contradictions with anything that has something to do with our website, and/or our Terms Of Service, the Terms Of Service rules are always right and applicable.

  1. Service

This service will only be used for promotional purposes. The materials we collect about you shall be used only for commercial propositions from our website. We do not sell or distribute personal information for any third party. You will not upload anything into this service that includes nudity or any material that is not allowed or suitable. You shall not intentionally use the system for your purpose. The service seldom might deliver later than the planned date stated on the order page. Please contact our support team if your order didn’t provide in time, they most likely will find a proper solution. Late delivery does not mean you will get a refund. The quantity you purchase is not guaranteed. It can be a little more. If it’s less, contact our support team. The service we provide you use on your own (the buyer/customer) risk. We are not responsible for any of the consequences that may occur because of using our service. However, in some cases, people might unfollow. In such a case, feel free to contact our support. They will possibly find a proper solution. You don’t have the right to claim a refund in this case. Users might be inactive or no real humans.

  1. Payment Gateway

You agree that in the purchase of any our service that you understand and agree on what you are buying and will not list a fraudulent dispute via Payment gateway, Creditcard, or Bank. In the event of a fraudulent attempt to file a dispute, claim, unauthorized transaction or chargeback, we admit the right, if needed, to ban your IP address from the website and you allow us to take legal actions against you. No partial or full refunds will be issued for service interruption, or failure other than saves your order does not get delivered at all. You agree to Payment gateway’s Terms of Service and state to not break any of their rules, by purchasing anything from the website. You shouldn’t run marketing campaigns with other services while purchased services from the website are running. To track the result of our campaign, we use public statics. If you do run other campaigns simultaneously with the website marketing campaign, then you agree that we are not responsible for every fan, follower, view, comment, like, visit, and vote that you get through the duration of your marketing campaign.

  1. Refund, Cancellation and Return Policy

While we do our best to ensure that you have an amazing experience with Muse Promotion, we understand sometimes things don't quite work out. We are 100% committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your order.

Muse Promotion cannot guarantee any specific amount of streams, monthly listeners, or artist followers. Once we secure your track on playlists totaling the number of followers you have purchased your campaign will be marked as completed. If you purchased the 60K starter plan, your campaign will be over once we get your track on playlists totaling 100K followers.

We do not have control over the amount of streams, monthly listeners or artist followers. All tracks are placed on playlists that have an organic audience, we cannot control user actions and do not utilize bots to generate streams therefore we do not guarantee streams, monthly listeners, or artist followers.

If you are unsatisfied with your placements, please voice your concerns to support@musepromotion.com within 7 days of the confirmation email you received after your tracks are playlisted.

Considering digital marketing platform is offering non-tangible goods we do not issue refunds once the order is delivered and the service performed. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon obtaining any item at our website. Meanwhile, we understand that extraordinary situation can take place concerning the character of the service we supply.

Hence, we do the refund on the following reasons:

Service is not delivered: it also happens sometimes that we can’t implement the service at all. Because of technical issues, broken links given by customers and other matter. In such a case we grant a full refund of your purchase. Service not fully implemented: when the product not been full in mentioned time frames, we fitted to provide a partial refund or to offer our clients other suitable option. The service was lost: we don’t provide any refund when provided services dropped after two months after you purchased a service. You have to understand that promotional services are temporary, and for the best results, promotion should to be long term.

MusePromotion desires our customers to be pleased with the services they purchase every time buying with us. The point regulates the issue of cancelation. A cancellation request can be made via e-mail support@musepromotion.com. Cancellations will be admitted only if the request is made before 24 hours after your purchase. Each order starting to proceed in 2 hours after purchase. We cancel the order and provide a 100% refund when the e-mail request for cancellation sent in 2 hours after purchase. When the request sent in 2 -12 hours – we provide a 25% refund, after 12 hours – 0%. ] Please contact us if you have any issues regarding the service. Our support team is always anxious to serve you and perform highly professional support promptly. Thank you for purchasing from us.