Organic Results. No Bots.

Real Genuine Listeners.

Multiple Campaigns Available.


MusePromotion offers promotion services that will help you obtain real organic listeners to your music.

We offer a wide variety of plans to help you build a fanbase and expand your audience. Our service packages range from Starter to Advanced plans which allow you to choose the best one suited for your promotional needs.

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Make your plan and get on track.

Getting legitimate plays for your music in Spotify can be difficult. Knowing which services you can trust in that don’t use bots can be beating because you never know what you are going to get. There’s a plethora of promotional services out there that offer campaigns to promote your music but it’s up to you to pick the one that will work well for you and your budget. That’s only the start of it. What’s your plan to succeed in this industry? 


What can we do for you?

Get Exposure.

We will pitch your track to our network of playlist curators. Your track can be placed on several playlists based on the plan you choose. Your track can remain on these playlists for up to 4 weeks or longer based on the curator.

Real listeners.

The listeners of our playlists are real people who enjoy listening to music. Spotify users tune in to playlists while they study, workout and entertain. Placing your track on these playlists helps you get discovered. 

No Bots.

Our playlists are carefully selected to ensure they have an organic following. When selecting which playlists we allow on our curator network we look at several metrics to ensure that the streams and monthly listeners generated are legit.